Full-color polycarbonate chairs Lucienne / La16

Full-color polycarbonate chairs Lucienne / La16

TheLucienne and La16 opaque coloured polycarbonate chairs give anextremely elegant look thanks to their mirror-polished surface. Thesolid-coloured material is highly resistant to stress, scratches andabrasions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Lucienne isavailable in White, Flame Red, Taupe and Silver Grey, while La16 isavailable in White and Black.

Polycarbonate chairs in full color Lucienne

Verypractical and with an original design, Lucienne is undoubtedly thepolycarbonate chair you are looking for. Ideal for the preparation ofdomestic environments, the kitchen or any collective space, Lucienneis available in 4 colour variants with a high gloss finish. 

Polycarbonate chairs in full color La16

Elegant,comfortable in an indelible design, La16 is a polycarbonate chairwith armrests designed for exclusive settings, aimed at refinement. 

Tocreate the extra-glossy Lucienne and La16 chairs we chosepolycarbonate, a resistant and incredibly versatile material thatoffers the possibility of creating complex shapes while maintainingan accentuated structural strength. All our models are monocoque andstackable and the packaging has been engineered to optimisetransportation, handling and storage. A wide range of colours andcushions in Trevira or Nabuk complete an offer unique on the market.